About digital BUGG

Digital Marketing is not limited to "internet" alone. We, here at digitalBUGG, take it one step higher and have introduced new ways of marketing on the digital medium. Introducing "Intelligent Digital Out Of House" or "iDOOH" which gets your customers come to you, instead of the other way round. India's first and only firm to introduce this technology.

We are creative

Product development, web design, writing, cooking, art, music, to the way we make our bed, what are we talking about? Everything. From our forward-thinking tech-product managers, to our executive who serves coffee art, we all have creativity within us.

We are awesome

Being creative is just the start, 'successful' execution is the key! Our team of highly trained experts bring the drawing board to life with their tech bites. Planned process and key check-points help us achieve the client's target successfully.

We are innovation

We embrace innovation, it's at our core. We always put users' needs first – we go the extra mile. Innovation can be anything from a brilliant new concept to a minor, but no less important, improvement in how we do things.

We are the best

Being involved in every step of a project is the only way to guarantee it'll be a great one. Our developers work closely with our designers to make sure every product we ship is excellent.

Who we are?

A classic combination of beauty and the beast. With Ms. Anamika Tomar glancing over the creative and Mr. Mayank Ware sniffing the codes, the combination is crazy and unbeatable.

Our skills

Analytic is very important at every phase of the life cycle, be it a product, code, service or human relations. We measure ourselves to evaluate and grow in our core expertise.





Our Services

Heart winning digital studio. We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us.


Your websites speaks about your brand. Its your image on the world wide web, and we understand its importance and uniqueness.


Search Engine Optimization and Marketing is one of the most important element for every business to reach its end customers efficiently.

Social Media Marketing

Communication with your customers and "speaking" your brand out is very useful in today's competitive online world. "Image of the brand" is at stakes here.

i-Digital OOH

We bring customers to your brand and make them experience the brand. Probably the best opportunity every brand can get to communicate.

Mobile Applications

Be present where your customers can reach. Mobile has found every pockets domestically and globally; An easy access to the world.


An exciting and intelligent creative attracts eye balls. Clean, clear and specific communication styles of designing is what we deliver.


Our clients have generated some of the most remarkable results in the industry. We’re proud to showcase some of the creative, revenue-producing websites and Internet marketing solutions that have propelled our clients to outperform their competition. We have ecommerce ideas and solutions to grow market share for a wide range of properties—independents, brands, and property management groups. Browse a selection of our work. Get inspired. And create more happy guests today!

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What clients say about us

Every project is taken care personally. This is return gives the project bandwidth and helps in achieving the dead lines.

Pricing Tables

We have a flexible way of working, hence no projects are way to small or big for us to manage. Every team handles a unique project for an efficient and fruitful outcome.



  • 24/7 Free Tech Support
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • 1GB Bandwidth Available
  • 5 domain based email addresses*
  • Free Upgrades and Support for one year
  • Enhanced Security
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  • 24/7 Free Tech Support
  • Enhanced Security
  • Creative outputs
  • Statistical Reports
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Corporate Profiling


  • 24/7 Free Tech Support
  • Creative output
  • Video Format
  • PDF
  • Whatsapp Format
  • Upload on your YouTube Channel
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